Saturday, February 6, 2010

Overcoming fears

Before starting any of this training program, pre or current, I must admit I had some fears, mostly fears of failing, which led me to procrastination. When I was in high school I wanted to do triathlons. Now, my ultimate goal is a marathon. My "real" goal is a 1/2 marathon, because I fear not meeting my ultimate goal. However, if I can easily achieve my real goal, I may go for my ultimate goal. I like what I'm doing and seeing right now.

My run today was 4 miles. I went to and found a 4-mile Jewell street route. As I was running I realized within a run I also have fears that I have overcome in this short time. I feared cold-weather running. I was currently running outside in 31 degree temps with a light breeze. I feared windy days. I ran in 35 mph gusts with J. I feared hills - like no other! I adjusted my course after 3 miles (near the end of my run tonight) to run the school hill in front of my house. I feared not being able to run as far I "had" to. I ran 6 miles last week without stopping. I recently fear running distance and breaking down in my form. I had a great 6-mi indoor run with consistent form. I had a great 4-mi run tonight without breaking down quality form. I fear losing mental confidence. I have learned to create an inner voice. I fear physical pain will overtake me. I imagine myself like a snake who sheds a thin outer layer of skin. This skin is a layer of pain leaving my body. If that doesn't work, I call on the "ducks" to help me through the pain. I run more like a duck with webbed feet pushing through the water. This makes me run with my toes pushing away the ground below me. It gives my shins and muscles a little break and gives them a proverbial second wind; it's quite refreshing, it's my "duck run" for a few feet. lol. I fear not maintaining a consistent speed as I run. I ran 4 miles with about 1/2 mile walking afterward. I walked in the house at exactly the time I should have for that run. I AM a marathoner!

4 mile run; ~.5 mile walk; RPE - 3

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