Tuesday, February 9, 2010


While running tonight I was watching Lost. During the "commercials" (ie blackscreen) I saw a reflection in the screen. I did not recognize it. It was someone with very nice muscular arms, trimming waist, etc. I later looked to the side and saw my reflection in the window. Hmmm, those are nice-looking legs.

Somewhere in the middle of the run I reflected on how much I have accomplished so far. I realized that I am at a point where 3 miles is a short run and it's easy to get it over with so I see every 1/10 mile go by, making it a difficult run. Anything 4 miles and over seems to be easier because I know I have a ways to go and look to the future for what I have yet to accomplish. I envision that feeling and sights at the end of the race, my family cheering my on along the way, the feeling of accomplishment and success.

While I am really only starting the whole process, it was a reflective run tonight. I'm sure this will happen again as I get closer to a race, but it was a nice, peaceful run tonight.

4 mile run; .5 mile walk; RPE - 3.5

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