Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Wash my socks pleeeeaaaaasse

I bought 3 pair of good running socks about a month ago. I figure with 6 people in this house, washing them would be no problem. I think I need to get more. They are all dirty and I've been without for at least 2 days now. I think my blister is coming back now too. I'm blaming the socks. Oh, why don't I just wash them myself??? Uh, I'm not allowed to. I get in trouble everytime I do laundry.

OK, enough about my dirty laundry. Tonight was a 4-mile run. I was a bit dehydrated so it seems a little harder than it should have been. Overall it was good. I just keep thinking D2D and how Vardotrichic and all my family will be there cheering me on! It will be good to cross the finishline...running.

4mi run - 40 min; 1 mi walk - 20 min; RPE = 4

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  1. I hate dirty laundry!! It upsets me when I have something I need to wear running/exercising and it is dirty. You will find that when you find something good, you will invest in multiples :)

    I have had a really rough week. Every day I get closer to saying this is my last year teaching. I want to try to tough it out for one more while I do personal training on the side, but I am also praying they don't renew my contract due to finances so that I don't have to decide what to do for next year. Having said all of that...I have only exercised one day this week. UGH!!

    You are a rockstar and doing much better than myself this week. Keep it up!!