Thursday, February 25, 2010

Noelle the sitter

I walked out of school this afternoon all bundled up. It turned out to be about 37 degrees warmer than when i got to school this morning. I knew I had to run outside today. I did a good 3 miles with about 1/4 mile walk after. It was nice to get outside again. It was only 3 miles so I didn't wear the water belt, but will Saturday on my long run. I think I was a little faster than 6 mph as I got back a little sooner than I anticipated. I mapped the run a few days ago for the next time I got outside. It was a nice variation and had some hills through dogtown. I am getting mentally stronger with the hills.

I miss running with J. I had my ipod tonight, but didn't realize it quit until I was on my last block. Guess that means I was sufficiently distracted.

Rachael was gone this afternoon so Noelle was in charge. Only lost my cellphone once.

3 mile run; 1/4 mile walk; RPE - 4

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