Monday, February 15, 2010

The recovery run

After my 6-mile frozen run Saturday, my legs were achy. I discovered a blister between my big toe and the index toe, which is now reduced to a callous. I have been dreading making this run today all weekend. Hubby even massaged my legs Sat night. That was great, but they were still achy. My previously-blistered heel gave me fits too and it doesn't seem to be healing. All this made a dredgery out of starting the run tonight.

Only 3 miles. It's a short run. You can do it. No problem. I stretched a little ahead of time to loosen up the muscles, got on the treadmill and away I went! I didn't even wipe my brow until half-way through. This is one reason I know I am increasing my endurance, lung capacity, and heart output. When I ran with J I knew I had a ways to go with this, but I am feeling good about where I am now.

J and I make good running partners. We seem to motivate each other and have similar running paces. Nice to have that connection. She has also given me lots of suggestions that help. I'm taking it anywhere I can get it these days!

Ordered a running belt recently. It's supposed to be here this week so hopefully Mother Nature won't go postal on me. I have to train myself to accept fluids during a run. This is going to be a huge success if I can do that.

3 mile run; 1 mile walk; RPE - 3

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