Sunday, February 28, 2010

Against all odds

OK, I'm officially 25% done with the full program as of yesterday's run. My muscles were very sore when I started. I am blaming the carnival the day before. Plan A: I called J Friday night to run with me . She couldn't. Plan B: I called Vardotrichic to run with me. She couldn't. Plan C: I asked Rachael to ride her bike with me. There was too much ice in front of the shed that we couldn't get her bike out. Plan D: I was going to run with my ipod. The batteries were dead. Ugh. Plan E: Bill ran with me the first mile or so. My mom called between mile 3-5 to distract me when I was on hills and in a headwind. (Note to self: bring the hands-free headset next time!) Rachael ran with me the last mile or so. I made it. 8 miles. Another new record.

There was a lot of inner voice happening with that run. You are strong. You are beautiful. You look great. YOU ARE A MARATHONER! Follow the white line. Keep going. One foot in front of the other. Follow the white line. What beautiful scenery. Don't stop. You did 7 miles last weekend. Follow the white line. YOU ARE A MARATHONER! 27 degrees. 10 mph wind. ~11 degree wind chill.

I tried Gatorade in my water bottles this time. That was good to have a flavored beverage. I really had to consciously tell myself to drink. I know it was cold out because I had slush by the end of the run. Wow, running into the wind uphills took a lot of inner voice, but once I turned and ran with the wind it was a great run! It was easier to tell myself to drink the last 3 miles as it felt easier to run, but the first 4-5 miles was very deliberate. About a third of a marathon done. Over half my goal of 1/2 marathon.

Oh yeah, I went to and found an 8-mile run. As I was headed back into town I couldn't remember how far I really had to go before turning around so I think I ran an extra 1/2 mi just to be sure. So, I'm an overacheiver this week.
8.5 mile run; .5 mile walk; RPE - 5

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