Wednesday, March 3, 2010


Three straight days of running + three miles tonight + 23 degrees outside = 1 great run. I ran really fast tonight. I left after CCD and ran like crazy. It was great to get outside again. I took a layer off compared to what I have been running lately so it felt a bit chilly, but it was nice not to have so many clothes on. I noticed the path passed the cemetery was scooped/plowed so I tried to incorporate that loop into my run, just for some variety. I was glad I changed my mind at the last min because it was really was not plowed. The cemetery is, but the sidewalks are not necessarily plowed. I even stepped into a big puddle. argh. I've determined that I really don't like running outisde in the snow, slush, and rain?? It was really a great run tonight, though.

3 mile run; .25 walk; RPE - 3

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