Saturday, March 20, 2010

Mama's got a new pair of shoes!

I finally discovered that my tingly feet and blisters have been caused by my shoes! ACK! It took almost 200 miles to figure this out. I went to someone who knew how to size my feet and got a pair of shoes 1.5 sizes bigger. I knew I would need some time to break them in so I started wearing them around the house. I did a 4-mile run this afternoon thinking this would be a good break-in run for them. I even tied the heel-lock on them hoping that would prevent any issues. They definitnely run differently than my other shoes. I don't think they bothered my feet like the other shoes, but a long run will be the true test.

There were many variables affecting the run today. When I started, my thighs were aching so badly from the 12-mile run a couple days ago. Bill ran the first mile with me and Rachael rode her bike. Because of this, I knew I wouldn't be breaking any records today so I just did my "slow is the new fast" approach. It was a physically a tough run.

About mile 2.5 I really felt like my feet were literally pounding the pavement. I think I run differently with these. Towards the end of the run, my blisters felt like they were starting to act up again. When I got home, I didn't see anything out of the ordinary, however. This is why I think a long run will be the true test of the shoes. I was able to pull a ton of skin off my middle left toetip, though. Wow, that looked really ugly tonight!! Bill was a little grossed out by that. My old shoes felt more "springy". I feel like I run more "flat" with these. I wore 2 pair socks as suggested by Vardotrichic. Maybe that helped the feet, too.

Another variable is that I didn't drug myself on this run. I usually take a Sudafed and a couple Ibuprofen before a mid or long run. I didn't do that this time, thinking I would be ok at 4 miles. Yikes, my legs muscles ached sooo much. I could have unconsciously been compensating for this as I ran. I didn't wear my running belt on this run, either so I didn't drink anything on this run. Should I admit I missed the fluids during a run? nah.

I may need to go back and look at the chapter on blisters, chaffing and other goodies. It seems like that was a long time ago that I read that. My arms have been chaffing near my armpits. They must start sweating and rub against my shirt. Woah, that hurts! Any ideas on this one Vardotrichic?

4 mile run; .3 mile walk; RPE - 4.5


  1. For some people it takes time for them to break in new shoes and get use to them to where they feel good. Don't push it too much too soon. The fact that you have less tingling in your feet is a great sign :)

    Be careful on taking Ibuprofen before a workout. There is some research on this and how it can cause some heart issues and other problems in some people. It is recommended to take Acetaminophen instead as it doesn't have these effects. Something to think about. You may want to look up the research on this as well.

    I definitely have a solution for the chafing...BODY GLIDE...I get mine at Skunk River Cycles on Main Street in Ames. It is like deodorant but you can put it anywhere. Apply it to any places that you have chafed or may potentially chafe and put it on thick. It is amazing!! I should buy stock in it since I use so much of it!! The best is sweat/water proof, so you have to use soap to get it off :)

    I try to run in 2 pair of socks most of the time to prevent blisters, as it helps to pull the moisture away from my skin and keeps my feet drier. I hope it works for you.

    I am going to post on my own blog for once :)

  2. Yeah, it's good to hear from you here again! I miss your commentary and encouragement.

    DOH! I LOVE ibuprofen. Ever since I was given that in the hospital with the babies, it's my drug of choice! Tylenol is like sugar pills. argh, guess I'll have to take some sugar pills.

    Thanks. Bill just mentioned Body Glide today, too. Didn't know he knew anything about something like this. I've been contemplating taping my arms to avoid this problem. Vasoline would wear off rather quickly and I need a few hours to get this done.

    The 2-pair socks must be working. I have a thin pair of socks that I wear under a thicker, slightly taller pair of socks now. There are so many different variables since the shoes so not sure what's working, but I'm not breaking something just to see what's fixed. :)

    Thanks for everything! It IS working despite my next post.