Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Thanks Vardo!

Got to run with my best friend Vardotrichic and her new fiancée and their beautifuil dog Mara last night. It was a GREEEAAAAT run. The six miles flew by - didn't seem like 6 at all, more like 3ish. I hope I didn't slow them down in a bad way because I would LOVE to run with them again. We'll have to make a Saturday of it when Bill is feeling better and we can spend a few hours just sitting around chatting. ;)

There was a nice route chosen and I just let them lead. I think it was a good run because I didn't know where I was going, how many miles were left, or how far I had gone. I just knew the half-way mark and when we turned to go south back to the house. Vardotrichic mentioned the miles a few times, but it didn't bother me where we were. Wish I could run that blind all the time. Usually my last mile is the worst, but I still felt strong at the end.

We ended at Vardotrichic's house for margaritas, uh, I mean postrun replenishing drinks. It looked like a margarita, but was seriously a protein drink. Thanks!

It was a great way to start my Spring Break!
6 mile run; .1 mi walk; RPE - 3
No headphones.

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