Tuesday, March 9, 2010

What sexy legs!

Yes, that's a wild title. I was stretching in front of a mirror and realized I have great looking legs! They look like they did in college...almost.

Anyway, I missed my run last night. I had a really long day, didn't get home until almost 10:00 and still had to do some homework. I am contemplating how to make up that run. I may just have to cross it off the list. :(

We are getting rain all week so I am a little discouraged. I know there is a chance I may have to run in rain on "raceday", but I'm quite sure it will be a little warmer than 30 degrees. I may just push all my runs back a day since I've missed a day anyway. That way I can still make them up and the long run won't be in the rain.

Tonight's run was actually quite good during the first half. Again, I started thinking about how many miles were left and started to break down in form andenergy.

I also need to eat a more substancial lunch...other than popcorn.

5 mile run; .6 mile walk; 62 min; RPE - 4

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