Sunday, March 28, 2010

My new favorite number: 14

Yes, this is correct. 14 miles today. 14 mph winds. 14 oz Gatorade drank during the run. About 1400 calories burned X2. 140 straight minutes of running. New shoes about 1.4 sizes bigger than the old ones. Smiling for 14 hours afterward. Great run!!

I ran a couple miles on gravel this morning. It was the darkest dark I've ever seen. I couldn't see anything. I judging where to run by feel of my feet. After the first mile or so I passed a house and all of a sudden a deep barking came from the property! YIKES. Please be nice please be nice please be nice... This large black lab came charging after me, jumped on me, scratching my leg. I didn't know if my pants ripped from his claws or if he just gave me a big scratch. He was really trying to get my Gatorade bottles on my waist. I kept pushing him away. He actually turned out to be a nice dog and ran with me for about 12 miles.

J only had to do 9 miles today and decided she would do my last 9 with me. That actually turned out to be a good thing. Although the winds were terribly strong today, I kept going. I felt really strong, too. The 14 miles seemed like 10 miles I did a couple weeks ago, only better. I got up at 5, was on the road by 5:15, and meet with J around 6ish and we finished the last 9 miles. At the end of the run, I still felt like I had some in me. My legs were strong, I was in the "zone", and my muscles weren't aching so much.

The wind was definitely a contender today. The 3ish miles I had to run straight north were a big challenge, but I did it! Westward roads were difficult, too, but at least I felt like I was going somewhere. ;) I think this was the strongest wind I've run in out in the open like today.

The shoes were GREAT! Only a week old, but now that I have a long run in them, they are much better than the old ones. I still have some blisters, but nothing like the old ones. I have a new spot for a blister - the little piece of skin/fat right behind my index toe on the left formed a blister. Didn't think this was possible, but I can now say it is!

When I got home, I made a conscious effort to stretch. My thighs weren't burning like they were last week so that's good. We didn't have so many hills like last time, either. Things just glided along smoothly on this one. Later, after I showered, relaxed, etc I noticed my calves were a little achy, but this is truly the best I've felt after a long run yet! YEAH!!

14 mile run; .5 mile walk; RPE - 5.5 into the wind/3 other times


  1. I am so proud of you!! 14 miles is a HUGE accomplishment!! You are more than ready for D2D!!

    Think of wind as great resistance training...sometimes I think of it like a nice air conditioner when I am too warm. I also continue to replay Mom's saying in my head when things get tough, "That which doesn't kill us makes us stronger."

    You may want to make a small investment in a foam roller for your thigh and I can show you how to use it. This will help massage it DEEP and keep your muscles loose so you don't feel like you need as much recovery time.

  2. I would LOVE that! Bill and I have been so very hectic lately that we barely see each other so I haven't been getting my good "marubs" [massage + rub = marub]. I would love to have a deep marub sometime. We'll have to chat.