Sunday, March 21, 2010

Having doubts

Well, I decided to do 6 miles today because this week looks rather busy. Now I only have 2 - 4 mile days before the next big run. The run was all messed up and this week has been rough.

For the past few weeks I have been ready to sign up for the marathon. I am so proud of myself running 1/2 marathon last Thursday; it's awesome! That's where I left my confidence. I discovered I've been running with bad shoes and then I didn't stretch enough after the long run that my muscles were still achy on the next two runs. I was really struggling today to get the full run in. Many times I just wanted to quit. I had to really activate my self-talk. I was frustrated. Everything was negative. I tried to think positive thoughts, but am having doubts about really being able to finish a marathon. :(

Noelle started biking with me today and pooped out at 1 mile so she went home and Rachael was going to meet me in Dogtown so we could run the Ethanol Loop. I got to Dogtown, called home and found out she left awhile ago. OK, I thought, she will be catching up soon. Never saw her. Got to the corner to turn north and she stiiiillllll wasn't there. I stopped, looked back and didn't see her coming. I thought I better turn around. ugh. This isn't my idea of a good run! Got back into town and there she was waiting for me. I had "lost" a mile by then so didn't want to do the Loop so I kept running what I thought was another 3.5 miles in town. For not knowing a map and just guessing, I came pretty close to 6 miles. This was another stressor on the run. UGH.

OK, now that's over. My shoes feel great. I'm still waiting for a long run, but I think this will work. My feet are still a little tingly, but I am hoping I have more toe room in the front. I can still feel a rub on my left middle toe tip. I had a band-aid on it today, as well as my right big and index toes. This could have come into play with all this, but I think these shoes will be much better than the others for running. No serious blisters forming that weren't already there so I'm excited about that.

I got a new Fitness magazine in the mail this weekend. They had an article on top shoes to buy. For stability in running, the Brooks Adrenaline GTS10 took top honors. This helped my mental game a bit today. I didn't feel the pounding on the pavement like I did yesterday. Things were much smoother in that regard. My shins were knife-cutting yesterday, but they were better today.

5.7 mile run; .3 mile walk; RPE - 4

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