Saturday, March 13, 2010

Run Like the Wind

WOW! That was a hard run, but a good run! J and I ran the Ethanol Loop and a little more. We had a nice chat. Again I started to poop out at the end as we were heading back into town. We talked about all sort of topics that will stay on the run. Nice time. I didn't feel like I was drinking much but when the run was over my bottles were pretty much gone. I felt my toes rubbing again, too. When I got home I took off my socks and there was a HUUUUUGE blister on inside of my big toe on the right. That will take awhile to heal.

It was 11 miles that felt like about 9. Guess that makes a good run. We were running with the wind pretty much the whole way. Only about 1.5 miles that we were running with the wind, about 3 miles into the wind, and the remaining was strong to our sides. I am quite chilly now so it's time to go soak in a hot bath.

11 mile run; 1/2 mile walk; 10 min stretch; RPE - 4

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