Thursday, March 18, 2010

Dam Practice Run - 1/2 way there

I completed a Dam to Dam run this morning! Today is forecasted to be in the 60s. Saturday is forecasted to be snow again. Welcome to spring in Iowa! So, I texted J to see if she wanted to do a big run today. She brought the boys over at 6:30 and by 6:40 Rachael was babysitting. It's so nice to have the girls getting older so that I can leave them for an hour or so. This was her first "real" babysitting job so that was going through my mind throughout the run today: 4 kids under 5!

It was a great run until the last mile, again. The thought entered my mind that I had completed what I did the week before and I think my mind just stopped at that point. I really had to push myself to keep going. I felt like every step was "Come on, one foot in front of the other" and that J was pulling me along.
At about mile 3.5 my left foot started getting tingly again. J commented that your feet swell while running. I'm wondering if that is my problem. Funny thing, it's only in the right foot. Ironically, that's where all/vast majority of my blisters are, too. Correlation? Not sure. I even have one on the arch of my foot...have never gotten one there.
The Ellsworth loop is a good loop for hill training. They are spaced nicely with some big, some gradual, some steep hills. We end the loop back into town with a hill, also. My thighs would burn at the top of the hills and then a little more running will work that out.
When we got back into town I thought, ok, just a quick Ethanol Loop and we're done. We went east to west and back into town. I think I would have done it in reverse if I had to do it again. I had my hill training to Ellsworth and east to west Ethanol has some gradual hills that were difficult for both of us.
The marathon book talks about "flow". I definitely get into a flow on runs. I just keep running and don't pay attention much to the miles going by. I like to mentally note the half-way point, but other than that, it's just getting to the final destination.
As we were coming into town at the end I kept thinking of Dam to Dam. This was my ultimate goal for this training. I have accomplished this distance. I wanted to finish strong. It wasn't the wall, it was just fatigue. I have surpassed the half-way mark and am building strength, endurance, heart muscle, lung capacity, confidence. That is a great feeling and that is why I run!

I was able to still maintain a good pace throughout the run, completing the 12 miles in about 1:55. I was afraid I would poop out and slow way down again like I did last week. I think the wind last week just beat on me. Today was a beautiful morning for a run!

12 mile run; .5 mile walk; RPE - 3.5

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