Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Another missed family meal

Running through the pain. Can I do it? Yes I can! My right thigh is still very owie. Positive thinking worked well tonight...and some Tylenol. Had to make the switch to avoid heart issues. :(

OK, I got my run done, but missed yet another meal with my family. I put supper in the crockpot this morning and then just made some pasta to go with it after school. When I got home they were done, I showered, got dressed and we were off to the next item on the schedule. As I was running I thought about them at home all sitting around the table eating without me, wondering if this is really what I want in life. ugh, such a dilemma.

The run itself wasn't bad. I had a mindset of 14 miles so 4 was really quite easy. I passed a number of people driving, walking, or just out and about. That keeps my head high and my feet moving forward. The longer runs make me less responsible in this regard. I've noticed the more tired I am, the more I "sit". My form breaks down and I am running more in a squatting position, especially uphills.

4 mile run; .25 mile walk; RPE - 3.5


  1. Sorry I haven't posted lately...something was wrong with my "cookies and cache" and I couldn't figure out how to fix it...I think it is finally fixed.

    I must have missed something...why does your thigh hurt? Something to think about while running...when you feel your form falter, push your shoulders back and down to open up your chest. This will help with the form!!

  2. You need chocolate chips!!! Oh wait, you need $$$, too. Me too. lol

    My thigh muscle hurt. I just couldn't rub out the pain at nights. My muscle was burning as I would run uphills. If I ran on flat ground I would be able to run it off, but stayed hurting for quite awhile. I thought I hurt it, but it was much better today running. Probably just developing endurance and using muscles I've not used for the length of time I've been using them the past few weeks...taking a toll on me on some runs. Maybe I need a little longer recovery time after the long runs. ???