Tuesday, March 2, 2010

A hurried run

I left school as fast as I could so that I could do the Ethanol Loop and be home before 5:30 for everyone to leave for Taekwondo. Perfect timing!

This was a 5-mile run and I felt like I was in a rut, as I have been the past week or so. I'm just running to be running; it's the scheduled run. I had a hard time getting started, but by the time I was getting back into town, I felt like I had another couple miles in me.

While I run relatively the same speed outside as inside, I really feel like I am barely moving outside. I was running toward a stop sign and it didn't feel like I was ever getting any closer to it. I often felt the need to run faster and that I was just jogging. I had to keep telling myself that that slow is fast, but I couldn't shake that feeling that I was getting I was getting slower and slower. I kept Mark Block in my mind a lot so I didn't have to use a lot of my inner voice.
I also took my ipod and found while I wasn't consciously listening to it, it was a good distractor to my breathing and other outside noises. Between songs when it was "quiet" I heard myself panting and working hard. I heard the buzzing of the electrical lines. I heard my footsteps pounding the pavement. Follow the white line. I heard my water sloshing in the water bottles. I heard all these other noises that running was work. The music was nice to drown that out. I thought a lot about my 10 mile run coming up this Saturday, too. I am mentally, unconsciously preparing.

5 mile run; .25 mi walk; RPE - 4

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