Tuesday, March 30, 2010

I gave up

There were 30mph gusts today. It felt like it took 2 hrs to go 1/2 mile south. I was totally dogging it. I have been fighting a cold that is settling in my chest. I have been thinking postive this week, but it's getting ahead of me.

I went out with no beverage, no music, nothing, just me and the road again. I was only going to do 4 miles so it was going to be quick. I quickly felt my chest tighten up, but kept dredging along into the wind. It was only 4 miles; I could do it! After a couple of miles my lungs started to burn and I knew wouldn't make it. I knew I didn't drink enough today and was rather dehydrated. That didn't help either. I just couldn't achieve the "flow". I felt like everything was against me. I just stopped and walk the 3-4 blocks home. :( I didn't want to do damage to my body and it was screaming "stop!"

In hindsight, I think I struggle with runs after these long ones. My legs weren't terribly achy; it just wasn't a good run. I wish I could have a little more rest time in between long runs. J may want to get the long run in Thurs night and I think the winds will stick around so I am anxious about that. I now have a new record for wind running!

2.3 mi run; .4 mi walk; RPE - 6

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  1. I ALWAYS struggle with the run after my long run, but I tough through and the next ones seem easier. Part of the problem is going to be drinking enough now that it is getting warmer and trying to run when it is so warm...we are not use to these temps yet. Don't give up...you CAN persevere!!