Saturday, March 6, 2010

Breaking the 10-mile barrier

While looking at the forecast all week, I have been anticipating freezing rain for today with light rain all day - not exactly my idea of a fun run. "It just doesn't matter." When I woke up this morning I didn't see any icing outside, but it looked a bit darker to the west. I went back to bed. I woke up later and the same thing happened, but I checked the radar this time. The rain was on the western border and moving slowly. I thought, "this was my chance." It was about 27 degrees and about 12 mph winds from the southeast. I changed my clothes and got some Gatorade.

Noelle was awake so I asked her if she wanted to ride her bike with me since we were able to get the garden shed open. With an eastern wind, I decided to run to Ellsworth and back, and then a couple more miles through town. After establishing the rules for the run, we left. She was excited to be with Mommy. We went down the first hill and then up the BIG hill. It was hard for her to get up that hill. We finally made it to the top. On the other side there was a very strong frigid headwind at us and she was done. Her skin was "frozen", her hands hurt, and she just wanted to cry. It was all I could do to talk her through it and remain focused to get through my run and we weren't even 1.5 miles along. UGH. I called Bill to come get her in the van and I finished the run.

I was so glad I changed my mind and the did the Kum-N-Go run rather than going west through Dogtown to the county road. It's an 8-mile roundtrip. The frigid headwind and hills were nasty. It was a good challenge for me. Funny how those hills don't look so big in a car. :) When I wanted to stop, I kept thinking of Mark. If he can do what he did, I can surely run a measly 10 miles. "Your lungs are stronger, your heart is stronger, your legs are stronger, you're a machine, you can do it, you're a marathoner, you're beautiful, you're improving each week, you're a marathoner!!" When I got back to town, I ran the hill past my house even. That was at mile 8. I am so excited. I have come so far. Only 2 more miles to go and it's all in town!

When I got back, and was writing down my minutes for Live Healthy Iowa, I realized I have run more than twice as long as my long run 4 weeks ago. That was good for me too. I always told distance runners & marathoners that they were crazy for running for so long. I think I am officially crazy. Two miles short of Dam to Dam. I can do this!

The last two miles were a little tough. I seem to tell myself that there isn't much left so I think my body slows and starts to shut down. I need to find a way to keep going strong through those last few miles. I did a lot of visualization techniques during those last few miles. That helped a little, but I need another strategy to maintain consistent mental endurance. It will come, I'm sure. I am achieving goals that I never thought possible. That's a GREAT feeling! Even if I quit now, I've accomlished a lot.

10 mile run; .5 mile walk; RPE - 5 going east/3.5 going west (Can I change it like this?)

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