Monday, March 15, 2010

Run Forest Run

Ok, I tried to run fast tonight, but ended up running the same time. :( I really felt disappointed. I can really see why my goal should only be to finish a marathon, not to have other goals. DOH!

Rachael rode Noelle's bike tonight. JK said the track kids were freezing outside running tonight so when I got home, I put on an extra shirt, gloves, and a stocking hat. The run started out really well. The first mile flew by. The second mile was a little harder, the third not so bad, the fourth I really pushed. About mile 2.5 I started shredding clothes: hat first, then gloves, then unzip the jacket. I was sweating like crazy! Who said it was freezing out here?! It was beautiful! Great night for a run.

The winds were strong, straight out of the north. I had about 1.25 mile straight north along the highway tonight. I was running the hills at the cemetery. I had glimpses of the 5K at Jewell Jubilee last year again. I remembered turning the corner at the south side of the cemetery and hitting the strong cool headwind. I was done. Not tonight! I was strong; I was a marathoner! No problem. It was nice to have Rachael to distract me, too.

My humonga blister inside my big toe was looking much better by this afternoon. I put a bandaid on it anyway because I didn't want it to get worse so I'd have to run 6 miles tomorrow night on it. ugh. After the run, I pulled off the dead skin. I'll let it heal and see how it looks tomorrow.

I have been reading ahead in the book again and got to a chapter on connectivity and disconnectivity. They talked about connecting with what is happening - running. Be very conscious of the act of running. They explained that if you are disconnected from this, the mind is distracted from running. [Yes! That's what I want!] They go on to say that the body is training, but not the mind. hmmm. argh. It's the mental distraction that allows the body to train. I feel like that's how I've gotten this far already. I am in awe that in about 3 weeks I went from running only 40-50 min to running over 2 hrs without stopping. I don't want to hear myself breathing. I don't want to feel the pain in my legs and the blisters on my toes. I don't want to think about how much farther I have to run. I'm supposed to be keeping positive thoughts, right? It's the disconnetivity that allows me to remain positive. They strongly recommend not listening to music, daydreaming, etc. It's that music that drowns out all the negativity. I like running with someone else to talk about *stuff* to distract me from counting miles, minutes, steps.

4 mile run; .25 walk; 10 min stretch; RPE - 3

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